2024 Two Rivers Bag Tag Series

All the events will be on Saturday mornings on the dates posted in the flyer.





Entry fee will be only $5

• $1 Course Fund

• $2 ACE pot (Will carry over to each event). If no one gets an ace by the end of the series, the ace pot will be donated to the course fund.

• $2 CTP 

•The Two Rivers Bag Tag will cost $20 (one time fee), and  will be available for purchase at each event! You must have a Two Rivers Bag Tag to play in these events. The bag tags are lifetime, so if you have one from previous years, then you're good to go!

• Sign-ups will be the day of. We will be accepting Venmo, PayPal, or EXACT cash!


Divisions will be:

• Open

• Advanced

• Intermediate

• Novice

• Ladies


Points will be given as follows:

• Playing in events: 5 points/per event

• Turning in a lower number tag than what you left with from the previous event: 3 points

• Winning your division in an event: 3 points

• Every person you beat in your division: 1 point/person beat (not tie)

• Finale (October 5th) points will be worth DOUBLE!!!

• At the end of the series, we will award the division trophies based on the amount of players that have played in that division! 

- 1 trophy (1-5 players) 

- 2 trophies (6-15 players)

- 3 trophies (16+ players)


2024 Bag Tag Series Results: